Website and Branding

NOTE: Due to changes at their company, Seltzer Financial Services is in the process of writing new content and making some major changes to the structure of their website. The links on this page will redirect to example pages of the layout I designed.

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I was hired to redesign and rebuild Seltzer Financial Services' website from the ground up. The owner expressed that their previous website was outdated and wasn't being utilized.

Seltzer Financial Services' previous website

The owner wanted a modern site that was mainly informational that displayed a quality product that could send more customers to their phones and inboxes.

I built the site on WordPress because I wanted a platform that would easily allow them to edit posts and pages after I had finished.  I built them a custom WordPress theme using Automatic's Underscores starter theme. I've tried other starter themes but have really enjoyed Underscores because of its organization and bare minimum design.

The Seltzer Financial Services website has a traditional multipage structure and I helped the company narrow their focus so only the most vital of information was displayed on these pages. I really enjoy full-width design so I implemented it here and think it works really well with their brand and product. I wanted the landing page to be actionable and discussed at length with the staff about where they'd like the user to be directed. I placed phone number and client logins above the navbar, a full navbar with links, a "Start Here" button on the landing image, and an email signup at the very bottom. I'm expecting this to create more user interaction and less bounces. Another design choice I made was an icon heavy approach to draw in the user and help them understand the product quickly.


Seltzer Financial Services is a long name so I wanted a logo that was compact while still expressing the business. I thought creating a logo around the letters "SFS" would look great because of the symmetry with the S's and I could do something special with the "F". I finally settled on this design where part of "F" is made up of the grey lettering and the other part is made up of an upward trending arrow.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out and think I accomplished a meaningful, simple, elegant logo.




This has been one of my larger projects because I created the WordPress theme from scratch, it is a multipage site with a large amount of content, I designed the logo, and deployed the site on a new hosting service. I'm really happy with its development and think that this gives SFS a strong, professional online presence.


SFS is a small company and can only dedicate so much time to writing content for the website and because of this content is still being written for the website. Some optimization still needs to happen to increase page load time and a few bugs with the mobile menu need to be ironed out. I also had to rely heavily on stock photos because they don't have company photos on hand. Therefore, the site is still "in development" but is nearing completion.