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I built this website for my band Fierce Kelly. I wanted to create a simple, sleek one page design to allow users to click through quickly to our music, social media, and upcoming shows. I also wanted to create the website quickly so that we had it live for an upcoming show. This is why I built it on WordPress using a child theme of WordPress' TwentySeventeen theme. I was really impressed with the TwentySeventeen theme and knew it was coded strongly and lightweight by Automattic and wanted to try building a solid child theme on top of it.

Some notable additions to the child theme:

  • - Smooth scrolling to the different sections by clicking on the different navbar buttons
  • - Social icons in navbar that mimic footer social icons
  • - Gray overlay on landing image to make logo and title pop
  • - Bold, centered Logo and title on top of landing image


I wanted a logo and typeface that was minimal, modern, and scaled well at any size. I decided to use the Oswald font because I feel it fits the character of "Fierce Kelly"  while still keeping it elegant.




I've really enjoyed the way this project came together. The website it snappy, responsive, clean, and looks great for being built on the theme that ships with WordPress. The branding is simple and versatile; and I'm excited to see it on print materials as well.


There is not enough content on the website to make it meaningful to the user. We are in the process of getting videos, blog posts, and bios to fill out the website so it isn't so empty.